Name Happiness

An amazing adventurous life of a fish in the sea

I was born in a small village in the sea. My mother struggled a lot to give birth to me that I understood when I was in her belly. I didn’t know where my father was.
I was born and I saw a place full of green leaves. Transparent water. Colorful flowers. And muddy ground. Sweet sunshine was
reflecting on the surface of the water. Yellow flowers bloomed. Crabs and snails were moving slowly, a school of fish was following her mother. Father salmon was guiding his children. Mother frog was lying on the seagrass bed.

We were three brothers and sisters. We used to play the whole day and night. But we could sleep anytime anywhere. We sleep our eyes open because we don’t have eyelids.
That’s a brief introduction of my family.
I know, you have a lot of questions to ask me now.
I will tell you about me more slowly and slowly. But, first you need to be my friend. A good friend as like noisy frog and tiny Pingping.
Just a few days later after I was born, I started learning about food
habits. We always followed our mama fish. Mama fish was a very
clever girl. She could put us on her mouth in a second and move quickly. That’s what we call hit and run.
Mama fish taught us how to avoid danger. At first we learned fin
strategies , it is very important to learn how to use our fins properly. Those fins help us to swim. But my anal fin and dorsal fin are still small, mama teaching is about caudal fin.
Before starting teaching, mama fish gave a big speech

“Fish nation is the biggest nation in the water. No one can swim as fast as fishes. Fishes change the water, sea, river, ponds and the world. Fish clean the sea. To be a better fish you have to swim faster and smarter. Fishes discover various foods in the sea. We need to protect our water, grass, fish and other animals in the water”
I didn’t understand the speech clearly.
One day we heard a big noise. Actually not hearing, we felt the
vibration of the water and that alerted us. My brother and sister were very afraid, but I was curious to know what makes such a big noise?

I went to the surface of the water. I saw a very fat fish floating over the water. It has a very big tail. Very big belly and huge head. So I asked mama “will I grow up like that big fish which was floating on the water?”
Mama fish said that it was not a big fish, it’s a boat. Humans make boats so that they can catch fish.
I asked mama “ why do they catch fish? Because fish are afraid of
-No dear, humans are strange. they catch fish to eat. So if you see
humans then you should run. Don’t be more curious about humans. They are on our green list.
Let me tell you about our listing. We have three kinds of lists. Green list means to run quickly. Red list means no need to swim, relax. Yellow list means to move slowly.
Mama fish asked me again “do you understand?”

An amazing adventurous life of a fish in the sea. The story gets more interesting when the fish meet with its friend Pingping and Duoduo. Their adventure will take you inside a large sea. A new perspective. An innocent world. A simple fairy tale.